There are various drawdown fundraiser events you can organize, including entertainment and games. A drawdown fundraiser basically involves participants purchasing tickets that make them eligible for a grand prize. During the event, ticket holders are eliminated, and the last ticket holder wins the prize. You can make money from selling tickets and other items, such as food and drink, or by holding a silent auction. Part of your planning must include determining how much money you want to raise. This is important because it helps you determine the price of a ticket.

Calculate how much money you would like to raise when planning the event. Consider your expenses in comparison with the revenue to get an idea of how much you will raise. Estimating the revenue helps to be sure of the outcome of the fundraising event.

Assign the responsibility of selling tickets to as many people are possible. Tickets tend to sell faster when they are in the hands of more people instead of a few. It is much easier for 50 people, for instance, to sell four tickets each, than for one person to sell an entire batch of 200 tickets.

Find a sponsor to maximize your revenue. A sponsored drawdown event allows you to raise more money, especially if the rental cost of the venue, equipment and the staff is covered. Let your sponsor shoulder the cost of each table being used for the drawdown event. In return, the sponsor can distribute promotional material to ticket holders. This allows the sponsor also to get value for the money.

Include drink and food in the ticket price. Usually, higher-priced tickets cover food and drink. Since this is a fundraising event, the number of drinks served must be limited to control the cost. Provide food that is good enough for your ticket holders, lest they start feeling cheated. You can provide quality food at a relatively low cost.

Charge a reasonable fee if food and drink is not included on the ticket. You can charge per plate and allow ticket holders to use their tickets to get a certain number of complimentary drinks before paying for extra drinks.

Use an electronic drawdown board during the fundraising event, if possible. It allows you to see the names or ticket numbers of participants being eliminated. There are various ways to eliminate ticket holders, one of which is using a bucket or a spinning basket. Tickets are eliminated until only one is left. The last ticket on the board is the winner of the drawdown prize. You can just announce verbally the numbers of tickets being eliminated if you don't have an electronic drawdown board.