Making money through creative and different ways is the secret to most financial success. There are several ways to make extra money with a cargo van and many of these methods include utilizing equipment you already own. Cargo vans offer easy transportation with the use of plenty of space. Besides driving the van yourself, there are many ways you can help your community by starting a cargo van business and you can make money at the same time.

Make sure to insure your vehicle, maintain it and keep it clean and it will provide you a great opportunity to gain capital. Good luck!

Create a Moving Business or Rent the Van to a Car Mechanic

1. Start a Moving Business

In every city, there are people who need help moving to a new house or apartment. Moving companies can be very expensive, and renting a truck is a hassle. The best scenario for making money with your cargo van is to start a moving business. Hire a few friends to help with carrying the large items and split the profits.

Offer prospective customers a flat rate for your services – $75 an hour is reasonable.This would include picking up items, transporting them in your cargo van, and then dropping them off at the preferred destination. It is beneficial to purchase a dolly to transport heavy items as well as furniture pads and rope to keep items in place. Advertise your cargo van business by placing ads in your local newspaper and putting up flyers in grocery stores and apartment complexes.

2. Start a Carpool Business

Carpools are imperative for schools. Parents with full-time jobs are not always able to take their children to school and pick them up after school. A carpool service is a wonderful addition to any community. Advertise by placing posters at the local elementary school.

Ease parents' concerns by writing a letter to all prospective clients including safety precautions taken in the event of an emergency, the number of seat belts in the vehicle, a report on the vehicle's history, verification of automobile insurance, and any experience you have working with children; include an emergency contact number, too. Payment can be determined by how many children sign up for the carpool. Take gas costs into account as well as wear and tear on the vehicle and general hourly pay for the driver. Have the parents pay a monthly lump sum to make it easier on everyone involved.

3. Offer a Cargo Van Rental Service

Car rental establishments have the tendency to charge a hefty amount for the service they provide. Renting out your cargo van as a loaner car as alternative transportation is useful and necessary. Call several car mechanics in your community and offer the use of your cargo van as a loaner car to their customers.

Offer this service for a small fee to clients who need to leave their car in the shop. Organize a deal with the mechanic that provides them a percentage of the profit for each customer they refer to you.


Be sure to obtain all necessary insurance policies and permits.