Most brides adore the image of a fancy car waiting for them after the ceremony. Wedding car businesses help brides turn their fantasy into a reality by chauffeuring them to their wedding reception in a luxurious fashion. To step foot into this business, however, requires extensive planning and consideration beyond what type of car to buy.

Outline Cost Considerations

A wedding car business involves more than just chauffeuring a newly-married couple for a few miles such as mechanical costs, hired staff, auto park space, gas, advertising and insurance.

If you have less than $20,000 to dedicate to your new business, keep your business limited to just one driver and one or two nice, classic cars. If you have no mechanical skills, partner with someone who does. Classic cars sold for rock-bottom prices will likely need restoration work which will add significant mechanics' costs. These costs can be minimized with a car-savvy partner.

Buy Cars

Few brides envision themselves getting whisked away in a used van after her ceremony. Invest in at least two cars, ideally a Jaguar and a Rolls Royce. As your business grows, expand your car line to include new limousines, Mercedes and other nicer, more expensive cars.

Choose cars in basic colors like tan, black and white. Avoid loud colors like orange, yellow and red. If needed, take the car to get a new paint job and remove any major cosmetic damages. Ensure the upholstery inside is free of dirt and stains. Most brides will notice all aesthetic details.

Get Permits and Insurance

Jonathan Reuvid, author of the book, “Start up & Run Your Own Business,” states that insurance requirements are employer’s liability, public liability, and product liability. Public liability insurance can usually be added to your already-existing car insurance. Seek property insurance (specifically theft insurance) to protect your most valuable assets--the cars.


Attract customers through word-of-mouth by getting referrals from wedding planners, photographers, florists and dress stores. Offer a finders fee by giving a percentage of your sales for all customers directed from them.

Attend wedding expos and set up a booth showcasing your services. Show pictures of your cars against stunning backdrops of gardens and castles. Have a photo shoot beforehand with a model bride and groom to pose with your cars. Paint a clear picture of what their wedding could look like with the inclusion of your services.

Print glossy brochures which outline costs, cars available, a short bio of you as the owner and contact information. With permission, leave these pamphlets at wedding stores and in the offices of wedding planners.

Because brides rely heavily on the internet for most of their planning, hire a web designer to make a website for your business., an Arizona wedding car company, uses images of a happy bridal couple posing next to the car. Add script font for elegance. On the navigation bar, include buttons for price, availability, services, contact and email information, as well as bios of you and your staff members.