You can advertise your business by putting your business name on your car. There are several choices for signage. When a sign that advertises your business is located on the back of your vehicle, people can read it when they are stuck in traffic or at a stop light. A short catchy phrase with your business name will be memorable. Signs for cars are easy to design online or made at a local print shop or sign shop. For an elaborative graphic design on your car, use a vehicle wrap. A vehicle wrap presents a large graphic or picture to advertise your business. Vehicle wraps need professional application, but are very effective in creating a visual message.

Make the information that you put on the sign easy to read and remember. Include your business name, phone number and web address on the sign. Use your company name in the URL of your website. Such as "" Create a short slogan to add to the sign that is catchy and describes what your business does.

Choose where to place the sign on your car. Choose to place the sign on the side doors, back van door, bumper sticker or on a window. Place a sign on each side of the car for better exposure. Measure the area on your vehicle where you plan to put your sign.

Search for magnetic car signs online and choose a company that offers the type of sign that you are looking for. Create a magnetic sign online. Pick a size from the options that are available. Enter the text for your sign. Choose a font, size, color and layout. Submit your design to be printed.

Install the sign on your car. Clean the area well where the sign is to be adhered. Dry the area thoroughly before mounting the sign. Periodically remove a magnetic sign to clean it and the car.


Choose a vinyl sign for a simple but effective sign to place in a window. Choose a vinyl, static cling or adhesive type sign. Search online for vinyl signs and create your sign online.

Visit a local sign shop to create your sign.

Place magnetic business cards on your car for potential clients to pick up.

Check with your insurance company before placing a business name on your personal car.


Do not block your view from the car window with your sign.