How to Change Live LED Signs

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LED signs can be used indoors and outdoors to advertise a business, promote an event or display other important information. Unlike neon signs, LED signs are energy-efficient and do not need to be replaced when you want to change the displayed message, image or animation. A programmable LED sign allows you to change the displayed images and text at any time using the software and a computer.

Connect your computer to the LED sign using a serial, USB or Ethernet cable. Alternatively, use a wireless internet connection if your sign supports wireless communication. If you do not know which type of connection to use, check the socket on the back of your sign or the sign's manual.

Launch the sign's software on your computer. Create a new sign layout.

Set the colors, motion and size of your message, if the software provides these options.

Type the message you want to display. Add images provided with the software or design your own images if the software supports these functions. If you are using a sign with multiple lines, place each line of your message on the appropriate line in the software.

Add pauses and transitional effects between messages if the software supports these functions.

Save the new design to your hard drive. Upload the design to the sign according to the instructions in the sign's manual.


  • Preview a new design before displaying the sign in public.


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