Developer helps transfer toner from a Sharp copier's drum onto the surface of the paper. It is made from iron fragments that conduct static electricity and attract toner particles. The refilling process may vary slightly depending on which model of Sharp copier your company uses. Check your owner's manual for specific instructions related to your machine.

Pull open the copier's front panel and locate the developer. It is usually in a bottle or tube near the toner receptacle. Remove the old bottle of developer. You may have to open a set of clips.

Use a small vacuum to clean up any toner or developer particles that have spilled inside the copier cabinet. Install the replacement bottle of developer and lock it into place with the retaining clips, if applicable.

Close the front panel and restart the copier. This will force it to draw new developer in from the bottle before printing any copies. Run a series of test copies until you are satisfied with the print quality.

Return the used developer bottle to Sharp for safe disposal or send it to a recycling company. Never throw toner or developer into the garbage as it may cause throat inflammation and breathing problems if inhaled.