How to Legally Put Flyers on Cars

by Karen S. Johnson; Updated September 26, 2017
Car flyer

Distributing flyers on vehicles can potentially reach a large amount of people at a minimal cost. But before going through the time and expense of designing and printing your flyers, verify what the local law says you can and can't do when putting flyers on cars. Also, keep in mind that even if local laws allow it, private property owners may not.

Laws and Permissions

Step 1

Design and produce a sample of the flyer you want to distribute. Create a few different sizes. If possible, create examples showing different ways to affix the flyers to vehicles -- for example, a hole that allows you to slip it over an antenna or one you simply place under a windshield wiper.

Step 2

Check the laws in the area you’re targeting. Call or visit the appropriate local government entity to verify that the state laws and local ordinances allow this form of advertising. A personal visit to city hall allows you to bring your samples so officials can note any problems with size, style or content matter.

Step 3

Obtain permission from private property owners or managers, such as the manager of a supermarket, to place your flyers on cars. Bring the sample that is in accordance with local laws and explain that it has already been approved by the authorities.


  • Promote something compelling, such as a steep discount or a public event, to avoid irritating the recipients and having your business associated with litter from discarded flyers.


  • Don’t just check state laws regarding placing flyers on cars. Your state law may allow this activity but individual municipalities may either prohibit it or impose restrictions.

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