Not many jobs offer the owner the advantage of being on the beach all day and still make money. An umbrella rental business does just that. While you're soaking up the sunshine you still need to cover the basics of business to get your company off to a good start.

Acquire the necessary business permits and licenses. You may need a peddler's license if you don't have a storefront. Check with the city and state business development offices to find out exactly what you'll need. For example, you may have to obtain a sales tax license and remit sales tax on the umbrella rental. Check to see who owns the beachfront. You may have to acquire the owner's permission to be on that beach. Public beaches may prohibit solicitors.

Getting Paid for the Shade

You have to have a way to get paid for the umbrella rentals. Cash is always cool but doesn't protect you in the case of theft or the customer forgetting to return the umbrella. To protect your investment in umbrellas accept credit cards or ask for a cash deposit to cover the cost of the umbrella. Merchant accounts require an application, good credit and a fee. If you don't qualify for your own merchant account, go through a third party processor such as Paypal or Square that allows you to accept credit cards through a smartphone reader. That works for a customer who doesn't carry her credit cards with her, allowing her to pay through the phone app.

Buy the Umbrellas

Many beach umbrellas have a pointed end to stick in the sand rather than in an umbrella stand. There are also beach umbrellas that clip onto a chair. Whichever kinds you decide to specialize in, you'll need to obtain the umbrellas from a wholesaler. You may need to provide your sales tax license number to get the wholesale price. After the umbrellas arrive stencil the name of your beach rental business on the umbrellas as well as your contact information. That prevents some theft but it also is a marketing tactic. Potential customers can tweet you or leave a Facebook message on your social media site to reserve their umbrella before they get into the car.

Go Social

Set up a social media site. If you use Facebook, include photos of the different types of umbrellas, the beaches where you rent the umbrellas, and snapshots of people using your umbrellas.

Choose Your Beach

Beaches by hotels and resorts are a better location than beaches frequented by surfers or locals. Surfers are interested in being in the water, not on the sand. Locals will bring their own umbrellas. Travelers and vacationers are the primary market for umbrellas, since umbrellas may be too bulky for them to bring their own from home.

Spread the Word

If vacationers don't know about your umbrellas, they won't rent them. Drop off fliers at non-competing shops. Tell the concierge or front desk staff at nearby hotels about your umbrellas. Some hotels have a brochure rack filled with information about local sites, events and things to do. Ask if you can include your fliers in the rack. Hire teenagers to hand out your fliers to beach goers. Be careful that the fliers don't end up as litter, or you could be fined.