How to Start an Internet Cafe

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Internet cafes are typically started by individuals who have a love of computers and technology. As the need for computer access continues, entrepreneurs have found a market in offering computer and Internet services to customers at an hourly rate. Starting an Internet cafe requires the right location, design and layout, as well as the equipment. You must have knowledge of computers and know how to solve technological issues if they occur.

Choose a location for your Internet cafe. Consider the patrons that will visit your cafe, which are usually teens and young adults. Choose a location that gets plenty of traffic and is easy to locate for your target market.

Choose the layout of your Internet cafe. The layout of your cafe is important because you will need to get as many computers and desks in your cafe as possible without making it uncomfortable for customers. Measure desks and commercial office space to plan your layout accurately.

Finance your Internet cafe. Your budget will determine how many computers you purchase and ultimately how many customers you can service. If your budget is small, you can always start off with a few computers and purchase more as you began to earn a profit.

Purchase your computers. Purchasing the right computers is important because you have to acquire computer systems that are able to function efficiently. You don’t want computers that are too slow because it will frustrate your customers and hurt your revenue. Speak with a computer specialist before purchasing equipment to know whether the systems are able to handle the task.

Purchase your network server. A network server connects to all of your computers within your internet cafe. It transmits data and processes requests to and from the computers in your network. You must install network wiring from your computers to the network server.

Purchase an Internet router. A router allows you to establish an Internet connection on more than one computer. You should connect every computer in your Internet cafe up to the router.

Purchase and install virus protection software on your computers. Your computers are accessible to the public so it is important to protect your computers from hackers and viruses. Contact a computer specialist to inquire about commercial virus protection software.

Set your prices. Many Internet cafes charge customers by the hour while they are using the computers. Set up prices for any additional services you may offer, including copying, scanning and faxing.


  • Hire computer installers to set up your Internet cafe if you don't have the necessary experience.


  • You might experience interruptions in your Internet service on system outages. Having a backup server can help prevent prolonged outages.



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