The state of Minnesota does not have a standard handyman license for people who perform odd jobs for other people. However, there are a number of state and local regulations that may apply if you perform certain types of repairs.

Contractor License

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry offers a building contractor and remodeling license to individuals who perform work on other people's homes. If your handyman work includes home repair work, which handyman work often does, you'll need to follow the steps to obtain that license. The license includes a background check and a proficiency exam.

Business Registration

To get your contractor's license, you'll need to show proof of your business registration, which you should complete through the Secretary of State's office when you open your business. This registers your business as a corporation, sole proprietorship or whatever entity type you choose.


When you apply for your contractor license, you must provide proof of insurance. You can obtain business insurance through the provider of your choice but you must provide the registration number to the Department of Labor and Industry when making your application.

Local Business License

Your city or county may require you obtain a business license to conduct business in their jurisdiction. Check with your city or county's license or permit office to find out if they require a business permit or license.