Given that most casinos offer nearly identical products, marketing is incredibly fierce. To attract new clientele, almost every casino will run many promotions designed to promote customer loyalty and increase the frequency of their visits. The kinds of promotions vary greatly, but almost all involve offering players some form of money or prizes.

Slot Tournaments

Slot players normally play in isolation, but in tournaments they are pitted against each in other in a bracket-style format. The players making the most money advance to the next round until a winner emerges. The winner then receives a grand prize.

Random Drawings

Many casinos feature drawings in which players, usually identified by a number on their player's club card, are awarded cash or prizes. Drawings are held at designated times, maybe every hour, and the player must be present to claim the prize. This keeps players in the casino.

Scratch Cards

Many casinos offer scratch cards. However, the smart ones guarantee that everyone wins something, even if only a pack of cards, to encourage brand loyalty.

Senior Specials

Many casinos will offer discounts or special prizes to seniors, who account for a large percentage of casino earnings.

Live Music

Many casinos feature live music, often from famous artists. Sometimes they will charge only nominal fees for these performances to attract more patrons. Other times they will give concert tickets as complimentary prizes to frequent players.

Cheap Buffet

Many casinos will offer a buffet at so low a cost, they lose money on each meal served. That is designed to draw more gamblers inside, where the casino will recoup its investment.

Free Bus Ride

To attract players from long distances, many casinos offer free bus rides from other cities. For example, some casinos in Atlantic City offer complimentary service from New York.

The Cash Grab

In the cash grab, a single player is selected at random and placed in a closet-sized enclosure containing many dollar bills. As the audience watches, fans are activated, causing the cash to billow all around the player, whose task is to catch as much cash as possible in a given time frame. The player is generally allowed to keep whatever is caught.

Match Play

In match play, the casino will reward players with coupons for additional play, up to a certain dollar limit, like $10.

Free Drinks

Free cocktails are such a popular promotion, it has become standard at most casinos. Waitresses will usually take their time bringing the drinks to keep patrons waiting and playing.