A restaurant's daily cash sheet is a daily audit of all of the cash taken in and paid out. In many restaurants, there are a lot of people who handle cash at any one time, so it is important to keep track of where it is going. Having a log of the cash going in and out will give you something to compare the register tally to, as well as help you uncover if there are any shortages or overages at the end of the day. Some large restaurants do a cash sheet before the start of each separate shift.

Download a spreadsheet available online designed for daily cash audits, or create your own in a computer spreadsheet or word processing program.

Make a space for the date at the top, and for the person who was in charge of the shift, be it an owner, manager or other supervisor.

Create a space for the amount of cash that you started out with at the beginning of the shift.

Create a space for each place cash is handled or held. If you only have cash in the register drawer, then just write "Drawer;" however, if there is more than one cash register, give each a number. Make a space for any funds in the safe or in a change machine as well.

Make a blank for funds given to you by check as well as funds received by credit card. Create a separate space for funds distributed, even if it's a small amount.

Write each denomination down for your change fund, from pennies through $100 bills.

Organize the information in a way that is simple for everyone handling the sheet to understand.

Print off the sheet and make copies so that one is available at the beginning of each shift.