Imprint machines come in many types, and are used for application of printed words, pictures or images to objects. Some imprint machines are small and manually operated, while others are large, automated machines for commercial production use.

Screen Printing Machines

Screen printing machines, also called "silk screen" machines, are used to imprint clothing, fabric, pens, mugs and other logo-ed or decorated items. Signs, decals, machine and electronic parts are also commonly imprinted by a screen printing machine.

Hot Stamp Machines

Hot stamp machines, also called "foil printing" machines, are used to imprint book covers, business stationery and promotional items. Products such as recycle bins, wood crates, pencils and golf balls are also commonly hot stamped.

Pad Printing Machines

Pad printing machines are used to imprint watch faces, golf balls, pens, key chains, electronic parts, cell phones, and is the only imprinting method capable of imprinting textured three-dimensional objects.

Offset Printing Machines

Offset printing machines are used to imprint paper goods such as books, stationary, newspapers and magazines. Modified offset presses are used to imprint sheet material to be formed into items such as cups, boxes and product packaging.

Ink Jet Machines

Ink-jet printers are commonly used for personal computer printing, but large commercial ink-jet machines are used to imprint sheet materials for billboards, vehicle "wraps," posters and other advertising products.