There are a variety of circumstances that warrant your business giving gifts to clients, customers, vendors or suppliers. You can use small token gifts to express appreciation for a new sales agreement or to say “thank you” for a customer referral. Gifts do not need to be expensive or elaborate to be effective, though they should be non-personal in nature to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Company Products

Make a gift of something that represents your business’s products. Not only will the gift be less expensive than if you buy it retail, but this approach also helps the recipient become more familiar with your company’s offerings. For example, if you run a small stationery supply store, an appropriate token gift might be a logo-embossed pen, note pads with your company’s branding or a calendar featuring your business’s products and services.

Coffee Cups

Coffee cups featuring your company name or logo can be purchased in bulk and at reasonable prices. The cups make effective small token gestures and serve a dual purpose of advertising your business at the same time. You can opt to make the gift a bit more impressive with the addition of a small selection of gourmet coffees, teas or cocoas.

Mouse Pads

Company-logoed mouse pads are cost effective and serve as useful, functional small gifts that recipients are likely to hang on to and use. You can even print a special “thank you” message on the pad or include your company’s mission statement or motto to reinforce your branding. Anti-static computer and electronic cleaning cloths are effective gifts as well.

Hats and T-Shirts

Company hats and t-shirts make for appropriate, affordable token gifts. Ordering in bulk can help you keep costs down. In addition to expressing your appreciation, clothing items also turn others into walking promotions for your business, which can help you get the most from your marketing and advertising budget.


Business card magnets serve double duty as both small token gifts and advertising tools. Consider including a discount code or promotional number that recipients can use on future orders or purchases. This will be appreciated, and it will help ensure your magnet is not quickly discarded.

Key Chains

Key chains are fun giveaway gifts, especially when they have an unusual design or feature. For example, a bakery could design a cupcake-shaped key chain, while a lighting store could print their name and logo on a miniature flashlight key chain. These types of gifts typically have good staying power with recipients because they serve a practical purpose.