How to Print Logos on Pens

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Printing logos on pens to distribute is an inexpensive, useful way to advertise your business. Pens are the ubiquitous feature in every person's office or home, so you should definitely take advantage of this type of advertisement. If you have some computer skill, you can easily upload your company logo onto a website that will then create your customized pens and have them shipped to you. You can choose from a variety of fonts and pen types to best showcase your company logo.

Find a website that creates personalized pens. Compare their prices and style offerings, and call them to see if they will match or beat a competitor's price. Ask for a free sample of their pens before you purchase anything.

Choose your pen style; it could be ballpoint or fountain, metal or plastic. Different styles have different price points, but choose a style that your customers would like and probably use. For example, company executives often use high quality pens, but if you're on a budget, choose the more inexpensive plastic ballpoint pens or a novelty pen.

Pick a color for your pen. It could be your company colors or just a shade that makes the logo stand out.

Upload your logo onto the website. Make sure it complies with the site's requirements (such as size, quality, and file type). Choose the text, if any, for your pens. Many companies want their slogan on the pen, along with contact information.

Preview your customized pen and order the amount you want. Also look at other items that go along with pens, such as notepads, magnets, cups, and mouse pads.

Pay for your pens with a credit card.


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