What Is Cover Stock?

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Cover stock is paper of a specific thickness. It is sometimes called card stock. Because of its thickness and durability, cover stock is the best choice for projects that need to stand up to some wear and tear, like postcards, business cards, menus, rack cards and spec sheets.


There are a few different types of cover stock. For instance, there is Bristol Cover Stock and Index Cover Stock. Also, cover stock can come "coated" (with a smooth surface) or "uncoated" in its original rough surface.


Selecting the right paper for your project can mean success or failure. There are as many paper weights as there are projects to print.


Paper weight can be confusing. Basis weight is determined by the weight of 500 sheets in the standard size. Different types of paper have different standard sizes. Cover stock's size is 20 by 26 inches, and typical basis weights are 65 and 80 pound. The standard size of Index stock is much larger (25.5 by 30.5 inches), and 90 and 110 pound are typical basis weights. Despite their different basis weights, both of these stocks have about the same thickness.


In addition to durability, opacity is one of the main features of cover stock. Because of its thickness, there is rarely any "show-through"—the ability to see reverse-side printing when viewing the front.


Cover stock is available in several colors. You can find it in light pastel and neutral shades as well as black.


You can also choose cover stocks that have either gloss or matte finishes. A clay coating applied during the paper-making process adds sheen to the sheets.


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