Stewardship is a term that refers to members of a church being accountable and responsible to God by giving to him a portion of the gifts he blesses us with. Stewardship is considered a way of life and sometimes requires encouragement to the members from church leaders. A church writes a stewardship letter to the members of the congregation to thank them for their stewardship and to encourage them to continue giving.

Address the letter. As you begin writing this letter, address it to all those who will read it. This is done by addressing it “Dear Members” or “Dear Members and Friends.”

Thank the readers. Begin the body of the letter by thanking all those who have generously given to the church and to God’s kingdom over the last year. Let them know that not only does the church appreciate it, but God also does and remind them of God’s eternal gifts that are stored in heaven waiting for believers when they arrive.

Describe any major or significant events that occurred over the last year. This is normally an annual letter and is used for stewardship purposes as well as other purposes such as keeping members posted about some of the work the church accomplishes. If the church began a new children’s ministry program throughout the year and it has taken off to a great start, include the details about it such as number of children attending and any highlights.

Ask for pledges. Many churches ask congregation members and friends to pledge an annual amount of offerings to the church. This helps the church prepare a budget and plan uses for the money.

Give minor details regarding the church’s financial position. If the church is running a deficit each year, include this detail in the letter and encourage the readers to consider deeply the amount they are willing and able to pledge. If a new program is in the works, explain this program, informing readers that the program will cost money and must be funded through church givers.

Include the church’s mission statement. Point out several ways the church is striving to meet the objectives within it.

Close the letter. Thank the readers again for their generosity, and sign the letter something like "In His Service" or "Grace and Peace," followed by your name.