An orphanage is basically categorized as a home that cares for young children who do not have someone else to care for them. While this is an extremely important and worthwhile cause, orphanages don't always have all the funding needed to properly care for the children. Additional funding through individual sponsors can allow an orphanage to care for even more children in need. If you're in charge of getting sponsor for an orphanage you help run, one thing you will need to do is write a sponsorship letter.

Figure out exactly where the funding you receive from a sponsor will go. In your sponsorship letter, you will want to explain to potential sponsors how you'll use the money. One effective option is allowing sponsorship of a specific child, which adds a personal touch to sending money and can help you get more sponsors.

Decide on a dollar amount that a sponsor will need to give per month to sponsor a child in your orphanage. You can also work out a dollar amount to sponsor other things, such as meals for several children or access to educational resources. All orphanages will have a different amount, so go through the financial records carefully to come up with one that works for you. Generally, an amount of about $40 or more per month can sponsor a child.

Add your contact information or the contact information of the orphanage to the top of the sponsorship letter. This way, the potential sponsors will be able to contact you easily with questions or concerns.

Address each sponsorship letter you send out to a specific person whenever possible. For example, you may be sending out letters to people who have signed up for a newsletter, volunteered in some way, given money in the past or business leaders in your area.

Give details about the orphanage in the first paragraph of the sponsorship letter. Include where you are located, how many children you serve, services you provide to children and a little bit about the background of the orphanage.

Explain that caring for the children in the orphanage requires significant funding in the next few paragraphs. Talk more about the services you offer that require funding and what your plans are in the future if you're able to get additional funds from sponsors.

Ask the recipient to sponsor the orphanage or a child within the orphanage in the last paragraph. The simple act of asking for donations can go a long way. Express sincere thanks and let the potential sponsor know what the next steps would be to become a sponsor.

Sign your name at the closing of the letter. Be sure to type it and sign your signature in ink before sending out the sponsorship letter.