An event marketing assistant falls into the category of marketing assistant, with a specialty in events. Whether working for a large company or small consulting firm, an event marketing assistant should be educated and experienced in both the business and event planning industries. Her role is to assist the director of event marketing, which is usually the head event planner, or the person in charge of publicity for the event.

Job Summary

A marketing assistant's job encompasses the implementation of marketing strategies put forth by his company. More specifically, an event marketing assistant is charged with the implementation of any and all action plans put forth by the marketing director, as they pertain to the specific event or group of events being planned. As an assistant, his role is specifically to support, facilitate and manage the event plans.


An event marketing assistant is tasked with the role of completing event marketing projects, including but not limited to, the running of attendee reports, evaluating marketing efforts as well as conducting background research required for the implementation of a successful event.


The marketing director typically determines an assistant's responsibilities, including writing marketing materials, such as press releases; assisting in data collection; aiding in multiple duties related to the event; and developing and producing media kits for all necessary media outlets. In addition, the event marketing assistant coordinates small events inside the business, such as client visits, luncheons and meetings.


An event marketing assistant must have the ability to multi-task, knowledge of underlying marketing principles, effective writing skills and presentation and social skills. In addition, the she must be extremely organized, understand the particular industry, and have the ability to maintain composure and performance in an extremely high stress environment.


Event marketing assistants are usually required to have an associate or bachelor's degree in either business, marketing or event management. If this education is not available, the equivalent in professional experience is needed.