The types of marketing and communication projects your small business takes on should be directly related to the particular types of advertising and promotional activities you need to conduct to promote your company. Each project should have a specific objective, budget and timeline. You can conduct projects in house if you have a qualified staff or sub out the work to a marketing firm.

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is one of the most significant projects you can take on, as it will serve as a roadmap that outlines and details all of your small-businesses marketing, advertising and branding objectives. A marketing plan should include a big-picture overview, short- and long-term objectives and a budgetary breakdown for the different projects you plan to complete. A marketing plan should also include detailed market research that helps you identify your target demographic and explore the most appropriate advertising vehicles for reaching this important customer base. The head of your marketing team usually drafts the marketing plan with input from other departments.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral includes all written forms of communication you use to promote your business. Some collateral projects include creation of brochures, sales presentation kits and media kits. All marketing collateral should be designed in a similar fashion that brands your company with your logo, colors and other identifying features.

Website Design

A website design project includes development of individual pages and content. You may opt for an introductory homepage, executive biographies, description of products and services, a “frequently asked questions page” and a form for contacting your business. Other elements of this project can include creating an interactive blog, uploading tutorials or product demonstrations or creating a photo gallery to promote business programs and events. Your website should be linked to any social media sites you create and should include all of your contact information. This project is typically taken on by an advertising copywriter and a graphic artist.


A key aspect of marketing your small business is developing compelling advertisements. This project entails creating an advertising campaign that includes theme and approach. Some advertising vehicles include billboards, newspaper and magazine ads and radio and television commercials. This project typically involves your sales staff, advertising coordinator and graphic designer.


A newsletter, whether hard copy or electronic, is a marketing communication project that can help you stay in front of your customers with news and information. The newsletter can be used for a variety of purposes, including promoting products and services, educating people about your particular business or industry and promoting upcoming events.