How to Write a Technical Brief. A technical brief is a project outline or a list of who is going to do what for a technical project. Write a technical brief so that all those involved in the project can understand your plan. Follow these steps to write a technical brief.

Outline each person's job or part in the writing of the technical document. Define each person's role and list the details of the job.

Make a list of responsibilities. Include all the tasks that must be completed and what is included in the task. Write the name of the person who is responsible for the task.

Include dates when each project part should be completed and who will complete each part. Also include dates of all reviews. List the names of those who will be part of the review.

Define any decisions that need to be made. Write down who will make the decisions and how the decisions will be made.

Create a list of everyone involved in the technical project and include each person's contact information in case any questions come up or any points need clarifying.

Write a list of the technology that will be used in the project. Include any technological requirements such as computer programs or hardware needed to complete the project.

Look at the future. Include any technical problems that could arise and what solutions will be available.


Don't assume anyone knows what to do. Outline the responsibilities step by step. Include all names and dates.