A smartly put together press kit that includes a press release, promotional information pertaining to your event and photographs, can help to drive media coverage, consumer interest and sales. Putting together an event press kit that garners media attention takes team work and a few simple steps.

Things You Will Need
  • Folder

  • Products

  • Box

Things to Include

Decide on the message you want to send before assembling the press kit. Ensure that the message is clear to all members of the team and approved by the department manager. There might be multiple initiatives involved in the same event or project, therefore it is imperative that the precise materials are chosen to generate the desired response.

Complete a press release that describes the event or project and what it will accomplish in terms of donations, programs, sales, etc. If the press release is longer than one page, write -MORE- at the bottom of each page. At the end of the last page, type ###. Ask for media coverage in your release.

Include a document that gives a brief history and description of the organization, along with information on the organization's Board of Directors. The organization's contact information should be shown via the company's letterhead and included again at the bottom of the document, along with the contact information for the point person responsible for media outreach or public relations.

Include written information pertaining to the event or project. If an itinerary or agenda was created for the event, include it in the press kit. Include any news articles printed about the event or project as well as flyers or internal information that was created to generate excitement or participation.

Compile high quality color photos or artwork related to the event. If a website has been established, let the recipients know that they can download additional photos from the site. Remember to include the website address. Place all paper documents in a new folder; keep the aforementioned materials in the order they are listed above.

If any tangible items correspond to the event, such as items for sale or promotional mascot, include them in the event press kit. Larger items should be shipped in a box, in addition to the folder containing the paper documents.

A more technologically advanced version of the event press kit is an electronic press kit. An electronic press kit, commonly referred to as an EPK, online kit or media kit, is distributed to the media in electronic form. An electronic press kit reduces lead time and allows the recipients access to the information with a few clicks of the mouse.


Make certain that all printed are professionally done. Advertising and public relation agencies can be contracted to create effective event press kits and distribute them to media outlets.