The time-limited nature of projects means the activities of a project have to produce results according to a given schedule. Results that are tangible and verifiable are the project deliverables. Each deliverable of a well-designed project supports the project objectives. Tracking project deliverables means describing the project and its objectives, listing the deliverables with their completion dates and detailing how each deliverable supports the overall objectives.

Replace Obsolete Equipment

When old equipment such as copiers or production line machines have to be replaced, companies often choose a project framework to carry out the work. The deliverables in such projects include the installation and putting into service of the new equipment, but other deliverables generated in the process are important for tracking progress and identifying problems. Such deliverables include a report on business and technical requirements, a request for proposal document, a vendor evaluation of at least three suppliers, a signed contract based on the specification and evaluations, instruction and operating manuals, a training plan on the new machines and a plan for the transition.

Establish an Intranet in Your Company

A project to install an intranet on your company network can improve productivity and help keep all employees informed of company objectives and results. The key deliverables include a study identifying the needs of the company, a plan for installing the required additional infrastructure such as servers and work stations, and a plan for the deployment of the intranet. Additional deliverables that influence the effectiveness of the intranet include a site map showing the intranet site organization, page layouts giving the overall look and structure of the intranet pages, details of forms and related scripts for employee interaction, and a plan for training and technical support.

Execute Construction Projects

While your company may leave building new facilities or expansions to construction companies, an internal team often manages such projects to make sure you get what you need. Deliverables for such a project include an analysis of needs, a definition of the scope of the project and the establishment of a design team including an architect. Once the project has an approved design, additional deliverables include bid documents, contractor evaluation and the signed contract with the chosen construction company. When construction is in progress, deliverables include the required permits and acceptance documentation for the different stages of construction. Final deliverables are an occupancy permit and a wrap-up summary.

Develop a New Product

New product development is an ongoing process in many businesses, but companies often develop major new product lines as a project. The project team is responsible for an initial concept, for which the deliverables include a market study and a detailed proposal. Once the proposal is accepted, the team has to deliver a product specification, a development plan and a marketing plan. During product development, deliverables include the design, a prototype, a functional test report on the prototype, a design review and a formal release for production. You can then start manufacturing the product and implement the marketing plan.