Each business handles, receives and distributes a flurry of reports in daily operations. Following completion of a special project, a manager or team leader prepares a closing report for submission to the chief executive officer, team members or stockholders. The report should detail the overall goal of the project, methods used, results and adherence to time and budget constraints. Close the report with items to follow up on and complete, and projects to pursue that this one inspired.

List the date the report was prepared.

Detail general information regarding the project. State start and end dates, the project manager (who is most likely preparing the closing report), project name and project sponsor.

Begin with a project overview, summarizing goals and what the company hopes to gain from such exploration.

Summarize project results. Include all data found, such as surveys, sales numbers and/or advertising projections.

Review methodology. State in clear terms how the project was researched and/or what forms data took. Discuss why certain methods were chosen over others and which may have been most effective.

Include a time line. Give both the projected project time line and the actual time line. List the budget and how (and if) it was appropriate.

Analyze data and what its outcome may mean for the company. Compare your findings to trends in the market to hypothesize where the industry is heading.

Detail lessons learned as to the market, trends or the company itself. Focus on these lessons to project where the company may be in five years.

List action items. Catalog further items to research and/or related projects for forthcoming study.

Edit and revise the report. Have a colleague review it before submission.