Fashion marketing and fashion management are terms often used interchangeably, as the two fields do have many similarities. Despite the shared attributes, they are two different areas of focus. Fashion marketing focuses more on promoting a brand, while fashion management is concerned with operational issues. A fashion professional working in either field must have a well-rounded knowledge of the industry to excel at her position.

Fashion Marketing

A professional working in fashion marketing is tasked with creating a compelling brand story to share with customers. It’s her job to build a relationship with consumers and generate a buzz for the brand. She creates marketing campaigns, develops creating promotional strategies, manages social media accounts and more. A fashion marketing professional learns the best ways to connect with her customer base and uses this to engage with them in an effective manner.

Fashion Management

A fashion management professional focuses on operational issues like creating and managing sales strategies, garment construction and coordinating runway shows. She’s tasked with responsibilities like inventory control and cost analysis, to ensure her store or brand remains profitable. She has a natural eye for style and has been trained to spot upcoming fashion trends.


While marketing professionals focus on promoting the brand and management specialists primarily concentrate on operational matters, the two fields have many shared aspects. To excel in one area of fashion, a worker must have knowledge in another. Due to the collective nature of these fields, many schools offer a joint fashion marketing and management program. A student is given a well-rounded education in both business and marketing practices, focusing on the areas that interest her most. A degree in either discipline will prepare her for many of the same positions like buyer, store manager, showroom coordinator, wholesaler and product development.

Work Environment

The work environment for fashion marketing and fashion management professionals also is very similar. Both professionals are commonly employed by wholesalers, boutiques, independent designers and manufacturers. These positions are highly sought after, so competition for them can be intense. Professionals in both fields may be asked to work long hours, especially during busy periods like fashion week. They may also be required to travel to meet with clients and associates located in other cities.