If you’re planning to launch a new product, your primary goal is to maximize attention to and adoption of that product. However, a successful launch involves more than just planning a one-time event. To maximize the exposure of your business and the launch, you’ll want to create a marketing strategy that precedes the actual launch date. Your pre-launch marketing plan can incorporate traditional advertising, social media, trade shows or conventions, active public relations and company-sponsored events or parties.

Increase your advertising. If your business already has an advertising strategy in place, you’ll want to review this prior to your product launch. Since the goal is to increase the existing awareness of your business, you should increase your advertising several weeks prior to your launch date. You might customize your advertising to promote a “mystery” or “coming soon” product. This will help your existing customers build a new excitement about your brand and help your potential customers get to know and recognize your business.

Participate in trade shows and conventions. If your product appeals to a certain professional demographic, trade shows and conventions allow you to showcase and demo new products, as well as talk to current and prospective customers. This is a great venue to solicit objective feedback about your product, which you can incorporate into your marketing for your product launch. Additionally, trade shows help generate buzz throughout the industry and help your product get attention simply by word of mouth.

Promote your launch via social media. These days, there is no easier or cost-efficient way to get attention than through social media. Make sure your business is actively participating on several social media platforms and then begin using it to increase awareness of your launch. You can post teaser commercials, sneak-peek photos and even hold promotional contests to build excitement about your new product. Since social media encourages viral sharing, this is a great way to get a lot of attention fast.

Incorporate public relations. An effective way to gain attention for a product launch is to use public relations to your advantage. This includes dropping a press release about the new product so that local media outlets can share your news, too. You may also want to think about ways you can connect with the community and ensure they’re more familiar with your brand by participating in or sponsoring community projects and events.

Hold a party or other event. If you want to attract more attention to your launch, hold a launch party, concert or other event for your customers and potential customers. You can advertise your party via social media, on your website or through traditional advertising venues such as newspapers and magazines. You can increase attendance by advertising free or low-cost food, drinks and special contests or giveaways. Be sure to always incorporate the launch of your product in your advertising for your party or event.


Identify a group of potential customers and have them beta test your product prior to the launch in order to work out any bugs or defects.

Utilize your personal network of friends and family to generate word-of-mouth attention to your launch.