How to Start an Online Television Station

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The Internet is becoming the medium of choice for people looking to catch up on their favorite television shows and watch new and original content online. The Screen Actors Guild has even allowed actors to make money from online television shows, which it calls “new media”. Starting an online television station allows you to create your own content and market to the growing number of individuals who would prefer turning to the Internet for their television entertainment.

Select the domain name for your online television station. A domain name is the website address that your subscribers will type in to reach your website. A '.com' extension domain name is still the most widely used domain name extension, but recently the '.tv' extension has been added. Consider choosing a online television station domain name that includes both a .com and .tv extension. Domain names cost between $1 and $14 yearly.

Select a web host for your online television station. Web hosting for a television station is going to be slightly expensive. A web host maintains servers that house the content of your site. Uploading video can cost a lot of memory, you may have to choose a web hosting package that can handle all of the video content. Web hosts can charge as little as $3 to or as much as $100-plus per month. Select an inexpensive package initially for your online television station and as the content and traffic grows your web host will inform you if you need to upgrade to a higher package.

Determine the type of online television station you are going to use. Will the television station be specifically for teenagers? Children? Men? Knowing the type of television station you are going to start will help you later on when advertising and marketing becomes necessary.

Obtain content for your television station. You can either create your own by investing in a good video camera and a few actors and uploading your own content, or you can rely on individuals that already have completed content they would like to broadcast. Use sites like YouTube, Hulu,, and Facebook to locate individuals that would like to upload their content to your television station.

Design a website and upload your media content to your television station. There are web templates on the Internet (paid and free) that enable you to design your website, though it may be challenging since your television station is strictly media content. Instead, hire a freelance web designer from sites like,, or

Advertise your online television station by looking for advertisers that will pay you to include ads and commercial space on your site. Consider charging viewers to subscribe to your online television station for a small fee, and also advertise using social networking sites like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. Also post in forums and online magazines.


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