In business, advertising is the means of putting your products, services and company on display. A public presence gives businesses the opportunity to carefully craft advertising strategies that will win the interest of consumers. There are many ways to advertise, so businesses can select methods that will be most effective for their goals.

Print advertising is when ads are published in printed materials that get circulated to the masses, such as newspapers, magazines and brochures. According to an article on Luc Media, a website for media information, print advertising methods have many advantages, such as being able to reach large audiences of a particular demographic. When it comes to advertising, it’s important to do your homework and figure out where your primary consumer market might have the most access to your advertisements. If your primary consumers are adolescents, then you will want to take out ads with magazines that adolescents would read so that your company gets exposure.

TV Broadcasts

Electronic media is another advertising avenue your business can explore. According to an article on All Business, a business management website, television is a common medium for advertising because it reaches a larger audience than printed ads. With TV, you have the ability to get creative by putting together a stimulating experience for your viewers–through visual effects, sound, colors and images–so that they are attracted to the product you are selling.


Setting up a booth at a tradeshow is a good way to promote your business. It may cost you some money up to reserve a spot on the floor, but once your exhibit is set up you will be able to meet your advertising needs due to the high volume of exposure you will receive. Since the goal of tradeshows is to capture the attention of passers-by, create stimulating and eye-catching exhibits so that people want to stop at your booth and find out more about your company.

A great advantage that tradeshows have over print and broadcast advertising techniques is that representatives from your company get to meet with interested potential customers in person, which gives them the ability to build rapport and create a personal connection.

Product Placement

Product placement is when a product is advertised by making a not-so-subtle appearance in a movie, TV show or music video. According to a September 2007 article in Entrepreneur, a website for business owners, product placement has been a longstanding advertising staple in the wonderful world of Hollywood, but that’s because this advertising technique has been successful; so successful, in fact, that product placement is even starting to enter the theatrical stage, according to Entrepreneur.