Advertisements are found everywhere--promoting a product, service, movie, restaurant or company. Advertising and promotional design creates public awareness of products and services.


Successful advertising connects a product or service with interested consumers. Through eye-catching visuals and clever copywriting, ads try to influence the public into purchasing the product. Promotional design brings wider appeal through direct mail pieces, fliers, coupons, websites and store displays.


Advertising takes place in various forms, including magazines, posters, TV commercials, radio spots, signs, newspaper ads, billboards, vehicle banners, Internet ads. A logo, contact information or date can be printed on practically any material and turned into an advertisement—hats, shirts, cups, umbrellas. The list is endless.


Advertising is a competitive field. Advertising firms often develop an entire campaign to draw attention to a company’s product and set it apart from the competition.


Work can involve long hours and strict deadlines. Creativity is essential to the industry. For most positions, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, computer design or other related major is required.

Industry Statistics

Job growth in the industry is expected to increase through 2018 by 13 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Average yearly salaries in May 2008 were $80,220 for advertising and promotion managers, $42,400 for graphic designers and $95,000 for design firm directors, reports the Bureau.