Starting a teen magazine can be a challenging but extremely fulfilling project. Teens are in their impressionable years and what they learn from books, the Internet, and magazines can make a lasting impression on them. Gathering information and soliciting advertising for this type of publication can be extremely time-consuming and detail-oriented but it can also be a fun, enlightening, and educational process. Following the simple and easy-to-follow guidelines below will assist in assuring a successful magazine.

Launching a Teen Magazine

Decide on your audience and the theme your publication will project. It may be about fashion and makeup, relationships and friends, or schools and education. It could be a combination of many subjects, but too many topics can overwhelm the reader. Research other teen publications to make sure there is not too much existing competition and that there will be a market for your magazine.

Choose a title and logo. They should be youth-oriented and simple but eye catching. Register your company name, the magazine name and the logo to make sure they are not already in use by another company. Use the logo liberally on business cards and stationary.

Choose a publishing or printing company. They can assist in layouts, proofing, stock photography and editing. Interview several companies and examine similar publications before choosing the one that fits your budget and can deliver a perfect product.

Sell advertising space to vendors who specialize in teen products especially clothing and make up stores, music shops, and fast food restaurants. Charge according to the amount of space used and the section the ad will appear in. You may need to research what similar magazines in your area are charging and set your prices accordingly.

Hire your writers, photographers, and salespeople. You may be able to function with freelancers at first but as you establish your business you will need more consistent and available employees. Look for multitasking skills, flexibility, and creativity. Consider using interns from local colleges to keep your costs down.

Setting Up a Teen Magazine

Divide your magazine into sections and decide how much space to dedicate to advertising and how much to articles and columns. This will help you realize the amount of advertising to sell and how many articles to require of your staff.

Delegate advertising goals and writing tasks to the proper staff members. Make sure they understand the publication theme and goals and give them guidelines as to what you expect.

Decide on the price of your magazine. You may have to calculate production and mailing costs and then come up with a reasonable subscription and single-copy rate. Advertise your magazine subscription on the Internet, through magazine warehouses and through mailing lists of teens in your area.

Give a launching party and invite area teens. Provide music, beverages, snacks and door prizes. Sample copies of your magazine and subscription forms should be readily available and all the details of the function should be teen-oriented with no alcoholic beverages.