Delta Air Lines’ sponsorship program combines corporate giving with marketing strategies to make a difference at the community level and enhance the corporation’s public image. It is open to eligible organizations located in communities where Delta has facilities. Sponsorship requests, which Delta also calls “partnership proposals,” must define the mutual benefits of partnership and convince reviewers that your organization is a good sponsorship match.

Partnership Proposals

Applicants must pass a competitive review process that begins with a lengthy questionnaire. Your answers provide detailed information about your organization and the special event for which it seeks sponsorship. Reviewers will focus on the degree of planning and the benefits to Delta. Applicants register online at the Delta website to complete and submit the questionnaire.

The Questionnaire

The description of your organization, its mission or purpose, and the special event, must promise a positive experience for Delta that can enhance its reputation, expose it to potential new customers and increase its revenue. Pay close attention to the choice of sponsorship packages. You will be asked to provide a cost benefit analysis based on the amount of sponsorship you request and the value of the sponsorship package. Describe the special event, including its purpose, budget, venue, advertising, expected attendance and involvement of other airlines. Explain in detail the opportunities the event provides to Delta for branding, marketing and employee involvement.

A Good Fit

Explain why your organization is a good fit based on Delta’s corporate identity as a company whose employees give back to their communities. Current Delta sponsorship partners include Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross and local YWCAs. Delta’s charitable giving focuses on youth homelessness, cancer research, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.