Ever stopped to consider your favorite team's name? Sometimes, team names obviously relate to their location or sport, but occasionally they're creatively catchy in a memorable sort of way. To come up with a creative name for a company focus group, a sponsored team or an in-house bowling league team, start by choosing meaningful words that relate to the group activity, sport or event. Then, brainstorm ways to fold in your company name, industry or a bit of comedy, boldness or awesomeness, depending on the situation.

There are a number of ways to approach naming a team. Members of the team should be a part of the naming process to ensure that everyone feels a strong sense of belonging. A brainstorming meeting only requires a short amount of time in order to develop a new name. The team should bring a variety of names and inspiration to the meeting. A creative name may draw from pop culture, entertainment, sports, or even describe functions of the team itself.


Whether it's out in the field, in the office, or even the company softball team, teams are integral to business. A creative team name can inspire bonding and a constructive spirit of competition.

Naming an Internal Working Team

Internal working teams or focus groups solve issues, bolster innovation or zero in on creative new ideas for growth. They should have names that are empowering and maybe a little intimidating for a healthy dose of competitive spirit. Pull out all the stops, and keep things respectful and professional.

A few ideas for creative company team names:

  • Hot to Jot
  • Solution Masters of the Universe
  • The Mess Busters
  • Trouble Stoppers
  • Off the Charts
  • Team Yes, We Can
  • Dilemma Destroyers
  • The Department of Solved Problems
  • The Ministry of Excellence and Innovation
  • Team Innovation Domination 

Name Ideas for Sponsored Athletic Teams

If your business is doing well, maybe you're planning to sponsor a local athletic team. Such generosity often goes a long way, especially in improving the lives of children. Fold your business name into the team name for brand awareness. For example, a bakery called B2C Baked Goods might consider names like B2C Bruisers for an adult rugby team or B2C Batters for a baseball team of any age group.

A few athletic team names to ponder:

  • Patterson's Paintball Persecutors    
  • Shorty's Slow-Pitch Superheros 
  • Rex's Rangers 
  • The Show Boaters (for a sailing or rowing team)
  • Team Tangible Assets (for a team sponsored by an accounting firm)
  • Terry's Rabid Terriers (for any high-energy sport)
  • Bionic Ball Bouncers
  • The Goal Creepers 
  • Saks Score Settlers

Creative Names for Company-Sponsored Activities or Fundraisers  

Remember the fun you had as a youth participating in an annual team scavenger hunt, summer-camp team activities or group cook-off to raise money for charity? Maybe now's the time to pay it forward, or maybe you're just looking for another sponsorship idea. Imagine that you're sponsoring a springtime community egg hunt and that you own a travel company called Head Out Travel Agency. You might have your employees rally their children as a participating team and choose a fitting name like The Egg Heads, Heads Up, Head and Shoulders, Team Four Heads (if there are 4 members on the team) or Head Over Heals.

A few names to get some ideas flowing for your business's sponsored activity or event:

  • The Treasure-Hunting Hound Dogs
  • Muffin Like Us 
  • Jim's Gymnasts
  • Blue Shoe Dance Dynamos 
  • Hyper Harry's Geocache Hunters
  • Simon-Says Superstars
  • The California Candy Commission 
  • Cook Before You Leap
  • Comic Cooks
  • The Jumping Jacks

In-House Bowling League Teams

Is it time to remove your boss hat and lace up a pair of snazzy bowling shoes for an in-house bowling league? Have your hardworking staff think up a great name for your team. This is the time to let them be seriously silly, but respectful and professional. Don't worry about wrapping your business name into your team name, but when you order your team's bowling shirts, have your company logo or name printed on, say, a chest pocket.

Names for in-house bowling league teams to rev up your imagination:

  • Bowling Bankers (if you're in the financial industry)
  • Rollie Bowlies
  • Quirky Turkeys (3 strikes bowled consecutively is called a turkey)
  • Ten-Pin Pirates
  • Pin Punishers
  • Bumper Jumpers
  • On Strike
  • The Big League
  • Gutter Putters
  • Steamrollers