Names for Motivational Meetings

by Priti Ramjee; Updated September 26, 2017
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Motivational meetings are designed to restore direction and focus to an organization. They can boost and measure performance, build a stronger team and create empowerment and purpose for a rewarding outcome. A powerful name gives your employees or members a hint of what they can expect to get out of the meeting and can encourage positive attitudes.

Performance Meetings

The sales industry drives its teams with motivational meetings focusing on how measuring performance can shape their needs today for a better tomorrow. "Measure of Tomorrow," "Discover the Difference" or "Building on the Best" are thoughtful and lighthearted names to reflect a sales team's performance measurement. The names build on product success, performance, problems and potential for tomorrow's success in life, liberty and the reward of profit.

Team-Building Meetings

In team-building, each member's focus is on dedication, involvement, concern and commitment. Appropriate names for your motivational meeting to highlight the members of the team are "Commitment Plus" or "Portraits of Progress." A motivational meeting revolves around aligning each team member's personal wants and needs with a task to be accomplished. For example, asking a member to participate on a task force that is not of his personal interest is not motivational. Considerate alignment builds a stronger team with rewarding experiences.


U.S. business magazine "Inc." explains that empowerment factors such as achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement and growth motivate people to work harder and perform their best. When a person is given the opportunity to express her opinion and provide input, she feels as if she has ownership in the task and is more likely to enjoy finding solutions. "Great Expectations," "Share the Vision" and "We've Got the Power" are names for motivational meetings for empowerment.

For a Brighter Future

Motivational meetings focusing on your purpose in life helps you achieve future goals. It starts with a dream to hold on to, setting goals to get there and doing everything to achieve it regardless if you are looking forward to big rewards or achievable smaller goals. Names to suit a motivational meeting for a brighter future are "You're Invited to the Future" or "The Pride and the Promise."

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