How to Create Town Hall Presentations

How to Create Town Hall Presentations. If you're a CEO seeking to boost employee morale at your company, then create an eye-catching town hall presentation for the entire organization. You can use computer software to design your winning presentation.

Create a title page that says, "Town Hall Presentation." Add the company's logo and the date the presentation takes place. Decide what review period the presentation covers.

Prepare an overview as the first page. Use short, bulleted phrases that summarize the company's status. For example, write "Company in Transformation." Insert an image of the CEO's signature.

Add charts depicting sales and profits realized during the relevant time. Separate both by different business units, if applicable. Tailor the sales charts to a general audience not accustomed to financial jargon.

Follow the charts mentioned in Step 3 with slides addressing distinct business units. Summarize each unit's achievements and challenges during the review period. Credit the company's successes to the relevant employees.

Alternate the slides between those containing text and those with pictures. Insert pictures of recent trade shows, new products or recently acquired facilities. Emphasize the employees who made these events possible.

Finish the presentation with a short conclusion and provide senior management's projections for the future.

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