Few people enjoy firing an employee or asking them to leave a project. The best way to terminate someone is to talk to them in person, but that isn't always possible either because of distance or because your company requires official documentation of the termination. In that instance, you will have to write a letter asking the person to leave the project group. Letters that dismiss employees must be written carefully to ensure that the tone is tactful and professional, yet conveys the essential message.

Begin the letter by typing the date. Skip a line, and type the recipient's name and address on separate lines. Skip an additional line, and type "Dear Mr./Ms. (Last name)" followed by a colon.

Tell the person immediately that she has been taken off the project group. Use a tactful tone; remember, no matter how severe the situation is, this letter still represents you and your company so you must remain professional.

Give a brief overview of why he has been taken off the team, but do not make specific comments. Chances are that he has a good idea of why he has been removed from the team, and he can follow up by telephone or email if he has questions. Avoid putting specifics in writing because they give the recipient the opportunity to question your rationale or to challenge your decision.

Thank the recipient for her tenure with the group or company. Tell her you appreciate her work and you wish her well in the future.

Sign the letter "Sincerely," and skip three line spaces. Type your full name. Print the letter on company letterhead and mail it via certified mail so that you have confirmation that he received the letter.