Your handbags are creatively designed and made from quality materials, so customers are sure to love them. However, the right marketing plan is essential when it comes to informing potential consumers about your handbags. You should also implement marketing tactics when interacting with established customers to ensure that these consumers are carrying one of your handbags daily.

Celebrity Comparison

Find a few free stock photos of celebrities carrying handbags that are similar to the ones your company sells. Place a picture of your handbag beside the celebrity photo to show customers how your handbag line is inspired by some of the most fashionable people in the world. Display the price of your handbag to show customers that your inventory is reasonably priced. Post the photos on your social media pages so your followers can start providing you with feedback on your handbags.

Social Media Interaction

Create LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages for your handbag line. Include the live link to your business website on these pages, as well as high-quality pictures of all the handbags you sell. Interact with your followers by asking them what their favorite handbag is from your line, or how they would wear your newest handbag. It's also a good idea to take pictures of yourself and your team members carrying the handbags, which shows customers that you believe in your product.

Cross Marketing

Work with another fashion company to create a cross promotion campaign. For instance, feature a pair of shoes on your website that would go great with one of your best-selling handbags. Take a photo of a scarf that would complement one of your larger handbags well. Write a short description about how well these items go together, and provide the website for the shoe or scarf company underneath the product description. Submit photos of your handbags to the companies you're working with so your company can be promoted on the other companies' websites. Share this link on your social media websites as well.


Start a blog giving detailed suggestions for how to wear your handbags. Discuss the materials the bags are made of, as well as your creative process when coming up with a new handbag. Take photos of people you see on the street wearing your handbags and give readers a few simple tips for how to make their handbags stand out. It's also a good idea to write blogs on how to keep the contents of your handbag organized, or how to keep the material of the handbags looking brand new. You can also partner with established fashion bloggers to have your handbags featured on a blog that has thousands of followers, giving your business even more exposure.