“Made in China” is a label that can be found on many products that fill the shelves of our stores. Goods produced in China have gradually become an integral part of our marketplace. Cheap labor helps to create products that are more affordable for the consumer. The list of products that are manufactured is extensive. Knowing what some of these products are will give the consumer an idea of the extent that our market is shaped by Chinese production.


According to CNN.com, experts believe that it is almost impossible to have a diet with foods that were not produced in China. Products such as chips and garlic are produced in China. Spices and herbs such as ginger and garlic are grown in China and exported to foreign markets. Chinese factories make vegetarian meat products. Many canned foods on market shelves were manufactured in China.


Chinese factories manufacture winter coats, gloves, mittens and hats for consumers around the world. These factories also produce maternity clothes and infant clothes as well as wedding dresses and tuxedos. Underwear, T-shirts and slips are among the items exported from China to consumers around the world. Sports caps are also produced in China as are belts and bras.


Adult-themed toys are made in China. Educational toys such as the Rubik cube are created in China as are jigsaw puzzles. Stuffed toys and piggy banks are also produced in China. Remote control cars and miniature golf sets are manufactured there as well. Pet toys are often made in and exported from China as well.


Your briefcase was probably made in China. Chinese factories also produce backpacks. Suitcase sets are manufactured in China as are reusable grocery bags. Wallets, purses, cell phone cases and garment bags are also produced in China.


Many light-emitting diode (LED) screens are produced in China. The Chinese also manufacture radios, clocks, pedometers and GPS systems. Power adapters and voltage regulators are also assembled in China, as are table lamps and reading lights.


Farm machinery such as tractors, egg incubators and harvesters are manufactured in China. Chain saws, wood chippers and shredders are also produced in the country. Elevators and bulldozers are also assembled in China.


Hotel furniture, including sofas and loveseats, are produced in China. Beauty parlors can buy massage beds and shampoo chairs from factories in China. Baby furniture and bookshelves are also produced in China. Window blinds and shades are also assembled in the country.