If you're a golfer you know how expensive golf apparel can be. Put an "Ashworth" logo on a simple collared shirt and the price goes from $15 to $50. This mark-up and amazing gross profit attracts people to create their own line of golf apparel. Usually, most people go about creating a line the wrong way and wind up giving up on their venture. Follow the tips below for success.

Design a golf logo that has a great look and a catchy name. You can hire a logo designer to help you create a logo that you can submit to an embroiderer or printer. There are some big names in the golf apparel game, and you are going to need a good product to separate yourself from the pack. Companies like Nike, Under Armour, Fila, Snake Eyes, Ping and many more are regulars in golf shops all across America.

Purchase some golf shirts to embroider your logo on. There are many clothing manufacturers out there, but the largest and most popular is American Apparel. You can order shirts in bulk and have them shipped right to your embroiderer or printer. Be sure and have the tags removed so you can put your own tags in later.

Find a local embroiderer or printer that can do quality work at a reasonable price. Most golf clothing companies use embroiderers rather than printers, especially for a logo. The embroidery looks much more high-end and most golfers have come to expect an embroidered logo. Hats and shirts are the easiest items to start your golf apparel company with.

Approach your local golf shops about stocking your golf apparel in their stores. Show the owner or manager your product. Tell them you would like to sell your product in their store. You may have to provide the products for free under the condition that you will be paid as they sell. Check in once a month and do an inventory count. If any shirts have been sold you can then ask for payment.

Continue building your brand name at a steady pace. Remember that it takes patience to start a golf apparel company; it may take years for your brand name to catch on. Build a website for your company that has an ecommerce option with a shopping cart so folks can order your shirts online. Before you know it your golf apparel will be flying out of golf shops everywhere.