What Is Brand Promotion?

by Simon Fuller; Updated September 26, 2017
Brand promotions can ultimately drive up sales.

Companies are always trying to promote the products and services they offer. In what's known as "brand promotion," the brand promotes itself. Shifting its focus to the brand as a whole, the company tries to drive awareness of what it is and what is does, with the overall idea that a more familiar brand is more successful than a brand no one has heard of.


The overall goal of brand promotion is to influence consumers that a particular brand is the best at what it is does and therefore most worthy of their time and attention. This can be broken down into smaller goals, however; for example, a brand might aim to simply gets its name out there so that consumers are aware of it, and this might be achieved by repeating a message so that consumers remember a brand’s name. Other brand promotional activities try to influence consumers to choose one brand over another, or to inform consumers about what a brand stands for.


If brand promotion is performed successfully, there are several benefits for the brand itself. The brand’s consumers will likely become more loyal to the brand, rather than just fans of a particular product. The result will be that the consumer chooses other products within the brand’s line over those of competitors and even becomes a brand advocate, telling friends about the brand. Successful brand promotion should also lead to more sales, as more consumers become aware of what the brand does.


The methods used in brand promotion tend to relate to what the brand is trying to say and to whom. Traditional advertising campaigns and banner advertisements online go so far to promote a brand, but more creative marketing divisions will look to different ways of getting a brand recognized. For example, a brand might have a distinctive logo or associated piece of graphics that catches the attention, or perhaps a mascot that causes people to think of the brand whenever they see it. This mascot could then be introduced as toy line to repeat the promotional message.


Brand promotion can be difficult, especially for small businesses that aren’t overly familiar to many people. A challenge comes in a company defining its own brand identity first, which is necessary before any brand promotion can go on. Brands in many sectors also face heavy competition in the marketplace, with many brands trying for consumers’ attention, and thus need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

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