Purchasing bicycles wholesale enables you to pay less for the bikes and – if you are buying them for resale – not pay sales tax. Most wholesalers will require you to buy a certain number of bikes to qualify for a wholesale price. Some wholesalers will ship the items you purchase to your customers, which keeps you from having to have store the bikes until you sell them. Most require you to take delivery of the bicycles at the time of purchase.

Select the type of bike that you want. Knowing this will help you weed out wholesalers. Not all bikes are manufactured equal. Mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes and cruising bikes are not the same.

Locate a bicycle wholesaler. If there is a bicycle shop located near where you live, talk to the owners or manager. Search the Internet, contact the manufacturer or attend a trade show.

Determine a budget. Wholesale companies often will only do business with people who buy in bulk. Let the vendor know if you will be purchasing large lots of bikes or just a few at a time. As a new customer, you most likely will need to have the money to pay for the items at the time of the order. You might be able to renegotiate payment terms later if you continue to purchase from the company.

Enter into a contract with the seller. The contract will state the terms you and the wholesaler agree on and delivery schedules. Ask a lawyer to review the contract before you sign. Make sure the contract covers any return policies.


You can purchase small wholesale lots from online auction sites.


Check any wholesale supplier out with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are a reputable business.