How to Buy Wedding Gowns Wholesale for Business

by Jennifer Eblin ; Updated September 26, 2017
Every bride needs a wedding gown.

The market for wedding gowns will continue to exist, as long as people get married. If your business sells wedding gowns, then buying those gowns at wholesale costs keeps down your business' costs. The cheaper you find the dresses, the higher your profit.


Before attempting to buy any product at wholesale costs, you must first invest in a business license or vendor’s license. This comes from your county or city government. This registers your wedding gown business and shows wholesalers that you’re a retailer.


Wedding gown wholesalers may not sell to you if you lack the proper licensing. The company may think that you’re another wholesaler trying to buy products cheap and compete with their sales. The wholesalers also needs records to prove that it sells products below retail costs.

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Buy a wide range of wholesale wedding gowns, in different styles, colors and sizes. This ensures that you have something for nearly every customer. A customer who can’t find a dress she likes or one in her size will likely go to another dress shop.

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