Everything has its price. Even the pivotal “here comes the bride” moment. Ensure head-to-toe perfection on a girl’s big day and you’re bound to see rewards. A bridal salon may be a nationally-known boutique with stores spread across the U.S. or it may be a local go-to spot for the newly engaged. Maximizing on a one-day event anticipated for years in advance, bridal salons sell more than a dress.

National Salons

Forty-seven billion dollars is what one nationally-known bridal superstore profits in a year. Just 2.1 billion of this amount can be attributed to wedding dresses and accessories, showing the amount of opportunity in this industry. From wedding planning to honeymoon packages a national bridal boutique can be a one-stop shop for the happy couple.

Local Salons

According to Alacra Store, a business information source, 95 percent of bridal salons are independent retailers. Meaning, if you opened up a bridal salon in your hometown, you would less likely find yourself in competition with a national bridal superstore. Annual sales revenue for a local bridal salon may range anywhere from $174,000 to $50 million.

Bridal Salon Prices and Services

A bridal salon dresses a bride from her tiara to her heels. Everything in between includes the veil, jewelry, dress, slip and garter. The dress is the biggest ticket item and may range from the $199 to $1400 and beyond. Once the bride has picked her attire for the big day, it’s time to dress the wedding party. A bridal party dress may range from $50 to $200 and beyond. A bridal salon may stay within the limits of dressing the bride and bridal party or a salon may diversify and offer tuxedos, tailoring services, wedding planning, or any other services dealing directly with the wedding industry.


Should you open a bridal salon, it is important to consider how much to pay your employees. Simply Hired reported 2011 statistics showing the average salary at a bridal salon is $42,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported, in 2008, employees working in clothing, accessories and general merchandise, could expect to earn $18.08 an hour. Employees working as general and operations managers could expect an hourly wage of $30.25. Salaries may increase or decrease due to the size of the salon, as well as its location. Employees at a bridal salon may work on a commission or salary basis.