Giving prizes at a work related event can be a great way to boost attendance. Reward your employees for their hard work by giving them items that they might not ordinarily purchase for themselves. You don't have to break the bank to come up with a nice selection of prizes, so plan prizes well in advance so you can keep your eye out for sales and specials.


No one appreciates a vacation more than a hard-working employee, so offer an all-expenses-paid weekend getaway to one lucky recipient. Keep an eye out for airline and hotel specials to determine which destination you'd like to choose for the prize. Seek the help of a travel agent if you don't have time to monitor the fluctuating prices of vacation packages; the agent should help you find a great deal efficiently. When purchasing your vacation package prize, buy two tickets so the prize winner can take along a friend, spouse or family member; it wouldn't be much fun to go on vacation alone.

Concert Tickets

This is a great prize for any music lovers in the office. Find out about hit artists coming to your area on tour in the months following your event, and buy up several tickets before the box office sells out. Give these tickets in packages of two or more so that recipients can bring along a guest to enjoy the show. If you are worried about selecting a genre that everyone will like, leave it up to the prize recipient to choose his own concert with a gift certificate to a popular local concert venue.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are perfect to give as prizes because they are easy to acquire and they help ensure that the winner will appreciate the gesture. Choose a variety of gift cards to local establishments, including restaurants, clothing stores and movie theaters. Or look to the Internet for even more spending flexibility by giving gift cards to online superstores. Other ideas could include vouchers for a day at the spa, several recreational classes, a free car tuneup or a month-long gym membership. The possibilities are endless, so consider what your employees would best be able to use.

Special Privileges

Give your employees bragging rights and a sense of entitlement in the office by awarding special privileges to prize winners. For instance, you could offer a few more days of vacation for the year to winning employees, or you could extend the winners' lunch breaks each day by an extra hour. If you're worried that might backfire by taking away from valuable work time, try something that could encourage better attendance. For instance, give winning employees special parking privileges in the work parking lot or garage so they aren't battling it out for a good space every morning.