So your company has finally reached its first, fifth or 10th anniversary. According to the Small Business Administration, only about half of small businesses are still in business at the end of five years, so you deserve to celebrate. Share that celebration with your customers by giving away something of value. After all, without them you wouldn't have made it this far.

Discount Coupon

Customers love to get a deal. Hand out coupons for your anniversary that are good for the entire week or month. The discount could be for the number of years your company has been in business or a straight 25 or 50 percent. Another option is to fill a punch bowl with envelopes with varying discounts tucked inside. Customers pick an envelope at the cash register and can apply the discount to their purchase. Several of the coupons should be for significant discounts, perhaps up to 75 percent off.

Share the Wealth

Celebrate the anniversary with a charity drive. Customers donate an item of nonperishable food in return for a gift card worth the dollar amount of your anniversary. If the company is six years old, the gift card would be for $6. Customers feel good and your company has helped those less fortunate. Another option is to give a t-shirt or baseball cap that says -- I helped "Your Company Name" give to "charity's name" in celebration of "your company name" 10th anniversary -- to each customer who donates. Consider sending out press releases before and after the event. Another option is a "buy two and we'll donate one to charity" program.

Every 10th Customer

Give every 10th customer, or 25th, whatever number the anniversary is for your company a celebration gift basket made up of your products. If you have hundreds of customers per day, then do the giveaway for every 110th or 125th customer. Another idea is to give the chosen customer a free product every day or week for the next year. For example, if your bakery is celebrating its 10th anniversary, one customer would get a certificate for 365 muffins or a fresh loaf of bread each week for 52 weeks.

Birthday Party

Treat the anniversary like a birthday and serve cake and ice cream to each customer. Hand out balloons with your company's name and anniversary year to each child. Wrap small toys in party bags for the children as well. If you provide a service such as accounting, financial planning or legal advice, consider a reception in the late afternoon for your customers. Send out invitations at least four weeks in advance.