Thrift store sale ideas can be successful if they are developed based on the interests of your staff and local community. Ongoing promotions attract frugal shoppers who can become the main source of revenue in the retail business. Discover clever methods of using selective discount programs and sales events to boost profits in your thrift store.

'Yard Sale' Extravaganza

Host a "yard sale" that helps local residents and small businesses generate extra revenue simultaneously. Rent tables and vending space to people who have clothing, crafts, antique furniture or related items to sell at your store. Rearrange your thrift store to accommodate a large number of customers, if possible. Allow vendors to rent booth spaces both indoors and outdoors to increase your profit margin. Charge higher vending fees for indoor spaces to cover any utility expenses your thrift store incurs during the yard sale.

Friends and Family Discounts

Implement a discount program for thrift store employees and their families to build a loyal customer base. You can apply this discount using a variety of methods including employee coupon books or custom printed discount cards. Extend the discount program to local businesses and residents who donate merchandise to your thrift store. Rewarding donors by providing them with discounts on their subsequent purchases can help maintain a stable inventory of new and used goods in the store. Friends and family discounts are thrift store sale ideas that can also be used as incentives for employees who work at your business during the holiday season.

Theme Sales

Offer significant discounts on all purchases made at your thrift store on specific days of the week. Develop catchy themes for these weekday or weekend sales to help local resident identify with these events. Schedule your storewide discounts to occur on a weekly or monthly basis.

Time-Sensative Promotions

Create time-sensitive promotions that restrict discounts to a specific set of hours during the day. Limited time offers encourage customers to make their purchasing decisions quickly.