People all over the country enjoy hunting as an outdoor activity and recreational sport. Some people even rely on hunting to put food on the table. Having the proper clothing can play a huge role in the success of a hunting trip. Hunting clothes in neutral tones and camouflage designs help people blend into natural surroundings to increase the chances of catching game. If you want to own a business, consider starting a hunting clothing company to tap into this profitable market.

Things You Will Need
  • Photographs of clothes

  • Binder

  • Clear page protectors

  • Design sketches

  • Pricing chart

  • Internet store

  • Fliers

  • Business cards

  • Clothing racks and samples

Take high-quality photographs of each piece of hunting clothing you made. Create a product portfolio using a binder and clear page protectors to hold the pictures of your hunting clothing line. Include any sketches of designs to show the process behind your work.

Calculate the average cost of supplies and time spent on designing and making each clothing item. Determine how much money you have to charge for the hunting clothing in order to make a profit. Create a pricing chart for each type of clothing item.

Create a website where you can advertise the hunting clothing, sell items and arrange shipping to customers. Some websites offer online stores that sellers can use and even customize for free. Upload high-quality photographs and write descriptions for each hunting clothing item to market the product to potential customers.

Advertise for your hunting clothing company by printing fliers and posting them at your local community center, library, supermarkets and sporting goods stores. Order business cards printed with your contact information and web address and hand them out to family, friends and local businesses.

Call the owners of sporting goods stores in your area and tell them about your hunting clothing company. Arrange a meeting with the person in charge of buying merchandise for the store. Bring your portfolio and a few clothing samples to the meeting.

Call the operators of local wildlife areas and ask for permission to set up a table to advertise your clothing company during hunting events. For example, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources frequently hosts youth hunting events at fish and wildlife centers. Set up a rack of hunting clothing samples at your table and bring your portfolio, pricing information and plenty of business cards.

Arrange follow-up meetings with potential clients to work out a business deal. Continue advertising and networking to expand your hunting clothing company.


When you can afford it, hire employees you can delegate various tasks to so you have time to manage your company. Consider employing a professional manufacturing company to produce your clothes as demands increase.