In business, a mantra is a statement used to create transformation. Writing a mantra for your business can help promote your company as an evolving entity. It is a brief grouping of words you can add to all your company's communications. While it is publicly displayed, the statement is primarily a declaration made for your business team to inspire and unite them under a specific purpose.


Effective company mantras say much in as few words as possible. Write down the words you most associate with your company's dynamic. For instance, your list might include "original," "inspirational," "dedicated" and "quality." Take your words and begin combining a few to work out a clear phrase. You might come up with "dedicated to quality" or "our originality inspires" as phrases to build on.


Keep it simple when crafting your company's mantra. The less complicated the phrase, the easier it will be to remember and display. Avoid business jargon or insider terms that will be incomprehensible to many outside your particular niche. Work on smooth-flowing, easy language to create an effective statement.


Pack a punch when crafting a statement for your small business. Use powerful words to make an impact on your readers. Purposeful honest phrases will ring true, such as "service you can count on" and "we guarantee it will be right." Avoid vague or wishy-washy words like "seems," "appears" and "possibly."


You want your personal mantra to reflect exactly what you believe about your company. A generic phrase that can be applied to any business is not going to inspire you and your workforce. A statement that hits home with your staff is much more meaningful, so attempt to generate one that precisely identifies your company.


Company mantras are not pieces of slick advertising generated to increase sales. Instead, they should be honest, transparent and thoroughly sincere. Crafting your mantra should be a personal endeavor that requires deep thought and a heartfelt output.


Mantras are composed of words strung together that meld well so they can be said over and over easily. The definition of mantra is a phrase that is repeated for effect. Make your statement one that you and others find compelling enough to keep saying it without alteration.


An effective company phrase is one that remains in the mind long after it is first heard. You want your phrase to emanate throughout your business. You and your workers should want to pass it on to others once you read it. To make it memorable, attempt to create a mental picture with your words.