If you are a journalist or blog writer, it can be a harrowing task to write an informal personal biography about yourself. Although you are writing about yourself, many writers find it difficult to choose what to write about themselves. While an informal bio is designed to tell readers briefly about your interests and who you are, it can be difficult to strike the perfect balance between describing too much or too little.

Things You Will Need
  • Paper

  • Pencil

Brainstorm some of the elements you would like to talk about in your informal personal biography. Include major themes like relevant work experience, education, achievements (such as published books, magazine articles, art shows) and one or two interesting facts about yourself and your life. Write out as many ideas as possible while you are brainstorming.

Look through the list you created. Circle the most relevant and important elements you came up with in each category. Ideally, you should circle your education, one or two relevant workplaces, one or two achievements and one interesting fact about yourself.

Write out the informal personal bio on another piece of paper and include all circled elements from the brainstorming list. While writing in the third person reads more professionally than writing in the third person, informal personal bios are acceptable if written in the first person.

Edit the bio for spelling, grammar and word usage. Any typographical mistakes in an impersonal bio can be embarrassing and push away potential clients.