Operating a successful air conditioning business requires implementing marketing strategies that generate year-round sales opportunities. That means keeping your business in the minds of customers during all four seasons, not just when warm weather approaches. To keep your business foremost with your prospects, use marketing strategies that remind them to call your company for service, when their air conditioner breaks or they need a new cooling system.

Choosing Target Markets

Figuring out the market that needs air conditioning products and services is important when figuring out how to approach prospects. Your target market may consist of homeowners, condo associations, apartment managers, commercial building property managers, retailers or real estate developers. If you already have customers, look at their demographics, such as the age of their homes or businesses and the air conditioning systems they currently have. This helps you find similar customers who have the same characteristics and may be in the market for air conditioning products and services.

Drip Marketing

Find ways to consistently stay in front of prospects and customers throughout the year. For example, start with a postcard or flyer that shows people sweating and waving fans along with a question related to the age of the prospect’s air conditioning system. Then, a few months later, mail a marketing promotion with a special offer. For instance, the offer might include a discount for getting AC service done in the winter, when business is slowest for your company. Another option is to send a newsletter full of tips for maintaining and choosing air conditioning systems. Look for ready-made newsletters you just add your logo, company name and contact info to if you don’t have the time to create your own version.


Start networking with businesses that appeal to the same market, but don’t compete with you. For instance, network with companies that fix heating systems, plumbing, electricity or appliances. Consider cleaning services, painting companies and flooring businesses for referral opportunities, too. In addition, ask happy clients for referrals to people and businesses they know, and reward their referrals with discounted service on maintenance of their air conditioning system.


Use a website to get business by optimizing the site for search engines. For instance, use words such as air conditioning installation, maintenance, repairs and central air in your headlines to help the search engines know how to index your site. Add a full list of services to your site, and encourage visitors to call by offering a discount for maintenance or a specific air conditioning system. Make the offer available for a limited time, and take the offer off of your site as soon as it expires. Sign up for a free Google Places for Business account so your business pops up on maps when people look for air conditioning services in your area.