Many marketing strategies for water treatment systems include using an image of fresh, sparkling water to appeal to buyers. While these images help grab attention, you also need to focus on the benefits your system offers, such as providing safe, clean water that’s healthier for babies or senior citizens with health problems. Once you’ve identified the best target market for the treatment systems you represent, get in front of prospects via direct mail, advertising campaigns and referrals from current customers.

The Market

While it might seem as if everyone would be interested in owning a water treatment system, you must narrow down your target market. You could focus on commercial businesses, residential homeowners or beverage services at restaurants. Look for markets with either hard or soft water problems in your region or find people with wells or municipal water that doesn’t taste or smell very good. If you will be selling to homeowners, narrow your market to new homeowners or residences with babies or children. Identify and market to consumers with solid credit scores if your company offers a credit program for purchasing a system.


Once you define your market, refine your messages to appeal to that specific group. Your message should mention the importance of a reliable water source for your consumers -- such as families with newborns want to pure, clean water in their formula and want to avoid contaminants as the child gets older. Personalize your message by mentioning that you’re a local dealer or that the neighbors are using your systems.


Sweeten your marketing messages with a free offer, or a premium, for buying specific water treatment systems. Offer families with babies a supply of diapers or a formula bottle that won’t leach if they buy a system from you. If you target homeowners with high enough credit scores to take advantage of any loan programs your company provides, offer a free water test to get your foot in the door. Offer a free trial period or a money-back guarantee to make it even easier for consumers to decide to buy your system.

Differentiate Your Products

Help your customers understand the differences among the various product lines you carry by preparing a portfolio or a chart that shows the features and benefits of each system. If you sell just one system, show how your product is better than the competition’s offerings. Show pricing, too, and get ready to explain why one treatment package costs more than another. Talk about which products are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, Underwriters Laboratories or Water Quality Association, and explain what that means. Make your sales pitch even more enticing by pointing out which treatment systems offer financing options or special promotions.